Managing Your Time During COVID-19

Online school has offered many new obstacles to overcome, and time management is definitely one of them.

As we don’t have any lectures to attend on-campus anymore, many of us are trying to find ways to plan out our day to make sure we are successful in school while also giving ourselves a work-life balance. It is a new adjustment not waking up in the morning and getting ready to leave the house and go off to campus for the day attending classes, going to the library to study, and hanging out with friends. With all this being said, many of us are finding it very difficult to manage our times and be productive throughout the school day.  

A few things I found that have helped me have a successful work/school day while being inside all day is:

1. Setting a schedule, keeping a routine, and avoiding distractions. The most important

thing to do every week is planning out a schedule, sit down at the beginning of each

week and plan out your schedule for each day including due dates of assignments,

midterms/exams and homework you want to complete.

2. Once you have all your schoolwork on your schedule then begin adding time for you to

relax, get some exercise and clear your mind throughout the day. I usually like to place

my free time between different tasks, so it allows me to clear my head and help me

focus on my next task for the day. 

3. Avoiding distractions is another way I’ve been able to succeed while doing all

my schoolwork from home. By avoiding distractions, it allows you to be more productive

while working.

4. While working try not to multitask, focusing on one task at a time, this is the best way to

stay on schedule. 

5. Lastly keeping a routine, getting into a daily routine will not just help you stay on track

but can also help with your mental health by keeping you more relax and less anxious as

you have your whole day planned out. A routine can also make you more efficient,

reduces procrastination and help builds self-confidence.  

These current learning methods are different for all of us but doing these little things, planning and making a schedule, avoiding distractions, and getting into a routine can help you go along way and succeed in your studies and reaching your goals.

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