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Brainstorm Team Meeting

Brock Women in Business 

About Us

Brock Women in Business (WIB) is an empowering club, dedicated to fostering growth, leadership, and success of the next generation of business professionals. Rooted in the belief that progress is more than just opening doors, WIB boosts the motto: "We don't want a foot in the door; we want a seat at the table." Committed to dismantling barriers and challenging traditional norms, WIB empowers members through innovative initiatives including diverse and influential speaker sessions across industries, to insightful workshops educating on crucial skills. 

Why join WIB?

Brock WIB offers a variety of events and mentorship opportunities through diverse and inclusive panel events, and workshops throughout the year. WIB boosts its modified EmpowHER program for any incoming students or other members of the Goodman Community, interested in being part of a mentorship community. Students should join WIB, as WIB provides a positive and supportive space to voice their thoughts with no judgement, as well as providing networking and skill development opportunities across all areas of business, to foster their professional growth.

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