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Our Clubs

Goodman BSA acts as the umbrella organization for 10 different clubs in the Goodman School of Business. Check out each club's Instagram page to learn more about individual events & initiatives.
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Accounting Students' Association

The ASA provides an opportunity for students with an interest in accounting to get involved through conferences, competitions, and networking opportunities. 
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 ACE Goodman

ACE (formerly known as DECA) is an international business case competition where delegates set out to compete against other chapters on the local, national, and international level.
  • Instagram
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Brock Finance & Investment Group

The Brock Finance & Investment Group is a team of focused students and graduates who actively invest capital in the North American marketplace, through a student-funded portfolio. 
  • Instagram
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Brock Innovation Group

The Brock Innovation Group supports student-led entrepreneurship and helps them develop crucial skills by providing the opportunity to gain tools and resources for them to develop their ideas into ventures.
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Brock Marketing Association

With 15+ years of experience, BMA is one of the biggest student clubs at the Goodman School of Business. BMA hosts case competitions, workshops, showcases, and community projects.
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Data Analytics Students' Association

Data Analytics Students’ Association educates students on the implementation of Data Analytics in business through speaker series featuring industry leaders, events, and workshops.
  • Instagram

Goodman Consulting Association

The GCA aims to educate students about the world of consulting and opportunities within the industry through workshops and competitions.
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Goodman JDC Central (JDCC)

JDC Central is a three-day event that showcases academic competitions, athletic challenge, social competition as well as a charity initiative. 
  • Instagram
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International Partnership of Business Schools

The Goodman IPBS helps connect Canadian and international students together, and to support those interested in study abroad opportunities. 
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Women In Business

Brock WIB aims to promote equality in business by educating both men and women on the female experience in the workplace and highlights efforts to have more women in leadership.
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