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Goodman ASA

Accounting Students' Association

The Goodman Accounting Students' Association provides an opportunity for all students with an interest in accounting to get involved through conferences, competitions, and networking opportunities with potential employers. We hold events geared towards helping our members on their path to obtaining their CPA designation, prepare for professional affairs, build solid friendships with peers, and most importantly make the most of their university experience.

Why join ASA?

If you’re looking for a Goodman club that will not only mold your professional career but as well as your student experience, Goodman ASA is the perfect club for you! With networking events, internal case competitions, and access to national conferences, Goodman ASA has the tools to help you experience the best undergraduate experience that Goodman has to offer. Being a member will give you first rights access to our events and will give you a chance to participate in some Goodman ASA exclusive events.

Meet The Team

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