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Brock Finance and Investment Group

The BFIG (Brock Finance and Investment Group) is an organization where students get together to participate in events, workshops, and competitions that are meant to provide everyone with an expanded knowledge of topics in personal and corporate finance. While gaining the knowledge of important areas, our analyst program allows members in the club and external students to practice and apply their technical skills to work on mock problems related to finance and prepare for competitions such as Battle on Bay.  

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Why join BFIG?

There are many benefits of being involved with the Finance and Investment Group, the biggest one being networking. With many of the events and workshops that we hold, executives of the clubs and students who attend the events will get the opportunity to speak with professionals in our industry who have valuable advice for someone still in school. Skills such as time management, organization and collaboration are well developed in this club and students are required to have them in order to be good executives. These skills are also critical to have when starting your career after school, so it makes sense to start practicing them now.

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